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Kira's Collection The Magic of Reading - Kira's vast knowledge of children's literature is sure to surpise you with undiscovered magical titles.
Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly
As 11-year-old Callie Tate explores the natural world around her in 1899 Texas, she develops a close relationship with her grandfather, navigates living with six brothers, and comes up against just what it means to be a girl at the turn of the century.
Devil's Paintbox by Victoria McKernan
In an adventure-filled and historically accurate new novel about two orphans and their journey on the Oregon Trail, the author of "Shackleton's Stowaway" captures both the peril and stunning beauty of the Western frontier.
Heart of a Shepherd by Rosanne Parry
When Brother's dad is shipped off to Iraq, along with the rest of his reserve unit, Brother must help his grandparents keep the ranch going. He's determined to maintain it just as his father left it, in the hope that doing so will ensure his father's safe return. The hardships Brother faces will not only change the ranch, but also reveal his true calling.
No! By David McPhail
A small word can speak volumes. An eloquent parable about saying no to conflict, this compelling picture book tells an otherwise wordless story of a young boy who stands up to a bully.
Are You A Horse? by Andy Rash
For his birthday, Roy's friends give him a saddle and some very specific instructions: to find a horse and enjoy the ride. But there's a problem--Roy is a cowboy who doesn't know what a horse is. So he sets off to find out with hilarious results.