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Robert's Reads Past and Present - Robert is always on the lookout for new treasures in picture books, but loves reminding us of the classic favorites.
Little Bear by Holmelund Minarik
It's hard to know which to love more, the sweet and funny stories or the expressive illustrations by Maurice Sendak. Find out the secrets to Birthday Soup, exploring the moon, show suits, and (maybe most important) getting to sleep. Whether you're reading aloud or looking for a classic beginning reader book, Little Bear will touch your heart as well as entertain.
Mangia! Mangia! by Amy Wilson Sanger
For the toddler "paisan" in your life. Great multimedia illustrations and rhyming text includes familiar favorites like fettuccine and minestrone while introducing other wonderful Italian favorites. Glossary on the back cover will be helpful when your youngster starts requesting "pasta fresca & formaggio" (translation -- mac-n-cheese) for lunch. This sturdy board book format is perfect to chew on while waiting for the antipasti.
I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak
Can one person make a their own life? Underage cabbie Ed Kennedy is forced to find out after impulsively foiling a bank robbery. A series of mysterious messages written on playing cards send him from one end of town to the other on errands that are by turn terrifying, heartwarming, satisfying or bittersweet. As Ed changes circumstances for strangers and friends, will he eventually take steps to change his own circumstances? And just who is the messenger, anyway? Even if you're not quite convinced by the ending you can appreciate it, and author Zusak does convince us that he is a writer to watch. Young adult fiction that a grown-up can love.
Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crocket Johnson
There is a reason some titles stay on the bookstore shelf for over 50 years. Harold's monochromatic adventures made me want to read this book over and over again when I was a lad. As a parent, I gladly read it over and over again to my daughter. And now I recommend it over and over again to people who appreciate the power of the imagination and who love the way art can make us feel. The engaging story and illustrations encourage creativity...a wonderful choice for young artists and early readers.
Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell Hoban
Frances loves nothing better than jam and bread, and turns up her nose at other kinds of food. Then her mother starts giving Frances jam and bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "What I am/is sick of Jam," Frances sings to herself. That's the end of Frances's jam-only days, as she discovers, in her own winsome way, that variety really is the spice of mealtimes.