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Community Transitional School
Have you ever come across something that you could really get behind? Something that you didn’t even need to think about? Well we have and it’s called the Community Transitional School.

CTS is a private school dedicated entirely to the needs of children whose families are homeless, in transition and experiencing chronic poverty-related crises, providing them with a stable, supportive environment that promotes both their personal and academic growth.

Founded in 1990, CTS serves more than 200 children every year. CTS students range in age from 4 to 14 and come from families living Portland, Oregon, and parts of East Multnomah County. They live in homeless and domestic violence shelters, cheap motels, on the floor of a friend's home and even outside in their cars. Some are from families that are on the brink of losing their housing. Some have just recently managed to move into permanent housing. All are in situations where poverty and uncertainty are dominant forces.

The Community Transitional School is one of our favorite organizations and, in the spirit of helping those who help others; we try to do our part to help them out.

In addition to donating books to CTS, we have a “Giving Tree” program during the holiday season. A Children's Place Bookstore staff adorns a Christmas tree with ornaments listing individual students’ names and ages accompanied by a wish list book entry. Customers interested in purchasing a book for a CTS student are invited to select an ornament. We offer a 10% discount on the purchase of this holiday book. Before Christmas arrives A Children's Place wraps and delivers all the gift books. We’re happy to share that we have been able to provide each child at CTS with a holiday gift book for the last two holiday seasons.
Scrip Program
A Children's Place Bookstore wants to help schools be the best they can be! In our effort to support students and encourage literacy, we offer a co-promotion scrip program. What is scrip you may ask? Scrip is a year-round fundraising program established between individual schools and sponsoring private sector businesses. Scrip is used to supplement a school’s budget. With educational discretionary funds shrinking at an alarming rate, scrip is an effective and proactive measure toward assisting schools. If your school has a scrip program, ACP would be delighted to partner with you. Please contact the store for further details.

Participating Schools:

Archbishop Howard School

Alameda Elementary

Hollyrood Elementary
Ten-Percent Holiday Fundraiser Program
Each year, as we approach the holiday season, A Children's Place Bookstore partners with preschool co-ops and public schools for the ten-percent holiday fundraiser.

The ten-percent holiday fundraiser is another way in which we try to show our appreciation to the educational community. Teachers interested in learning more about the program are encouraged to contact Pam for details.

Schools participating in the 2010 10% fundraiser program:

Thursday, Nov 4
* Just Little People Preschool *
Thursday, Dec 2
* Beaumont School *
Friday, Dec 3
* ABC Preschool *
Monday, Dec 6
* Ivy School *
Tuesday, Dec 7
* Rigler School *
Wednesday, Dec 8
* Hancock Street Preschool *
Thursday, Dec 9
* Renaissance School *
Monday, Dec 13
* Portland Tillamook Preschool *
Tuesday, Dec 14
* Alameda Elementary*
and * Montessori of Alameda *
Wednesday, Dec 15
* Beverly Cleary School *
Thursday, Dec 16
* Roseway Heights School *
Friday, Dec 17
* Creative Science School *
and * NCCDC Preschool *